The New way to Energise

All-new Reon Energise Caffeine and Vitamin B12 sachets. Simply pour straight on the tongue for an instant Energising boost..

An instant boost no matter where you are

Each pocket-sized pack contains four sachets, a perfect on-the-go and sugar-free alternative to an energy drink or a coffee.

Keeps you going on & on

Reon contains Caffeine which is know to help you focus and Vitamin B12 which is known to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Whether you are studying, working, playing sports or heading to a party, Reon can provide that much needed Energy boost to keep you going on and on. .

Flavour matters. Expect the unexpected

REON Energy comes in two pocket-sized variations: The classic pack, with four sachets of fresh Pomegranate flavour. And the Reon Roulette pack, which contains three Pomegranate sachets and one with hot Chili flavour – but which one is which?