What is Reon

Reon, the new pocket-size energising sachets to keep you going on and on. Reon is for those who work hard and play hard. Packing two tried and tested active ingredients - Caffeine & Vitamin B12

Where and when

In a nutshell, Reon is for anywhere and anytime you want an Energising boost, whether you are working, studying, at the gym or heading to a party.

What's in a pack

There are 4 sachets in a pack, which each contain 80mg of Caffeine (about the same as a double espresso) and Vitamin B12, which is known to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

How it works

Reon Energise is a fast-melt powder that is simply poured straight on the tongue, making it perfect for life on the go.

3 for 2 on all orders.
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Reon Pomegranate

The classic energising pack,
with four sachets of fresh
Pomegranate flavour.

Reon Pomegranate


The Reon Roulette pack, which
contains three Pomegranate
sachets and a pack of spicy
Chili – but which one is which?

Reon Roulette