Brandon Bloggs: Back in Bristol – Powered by Reon

Brandon Bloggs: Back in Bristol – Powered by Reon

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Brandon Bloggs #1: Back in Bristol – Presented by Reon

Brandon Boggs is a professional basketball player for the Bristol Flyers, competing in Britain’s top-flight competition – the British Basketball League (BBL). After a huge debut campaign for the club, the 6ft 6 American returns to Bristol for his second season.

Brandon will be blogging for Reon throughout the season, providing an insight into the non-stop life of a professional basketball player and how he powers through to remain one of the most explosive players in the league

“It’s great to be back in the UK and Bristol. It’s my second season so it’s good to come back to a city that I know with a lot of the guys from last year re-signing. Having a few Americans on the team again always helps too!

We got straight back to it with pre-season. It’s not just the games, we have weight training, fitness testing, community coaching, team training and meetings/appearances so we are pretty full on through the week. Away from that, we’ve had 4 pre-season games – 2 home and 2 away – and we’ve just finished up the Betway British Basketball All Stars Championship tournament at the 02 Arena in London.

Right from the start of the season in Basketball it’s obvious, the teams with the most energy usually do very well. At the Flyers, Coach is always talking about energy and never letting the other team work harder than us. We do a good job but it’s tough in basketball and the BBL, because you will have one practice and two games in three days. You don’t get that in many other sports, so how you prepare is key. If you don’t step on the court with energy you’re in trouble.

We had this versus Worcester Wolves last week, we beat them at home on the Saturday, then travelled back to play them away on the Monday and couldn’t match the intensity of Saturday. The All Stars at the O2 Arena is an even better example, where we played four mini-games in one day live on Sky Sports. We managed to get to the Semi-Finals which was really cool and showed that we were willing to go the distance in every game, only losing to the eventual winners by two points.

You’ve got to stay ready and that’s why going your whatever routine to be at your best when it matters is so important. That’s also why Reon is such an interesting product to me, as any company dedicated to keeping people energised is always going to be on the radar for guys in my position.

Looking forward to keeping you guys updated this the season!”

Brand Boggs #24 – Bristol Flyers

You can follow Brandon’s season with the Flyers on Facebook @BrandonBoggs24 and Instagram @b_boggs24. You can follow the Flyers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @BristolFlyers.